We should fight the poverty in Africa

In blog action day let us say:
Poverty is a serious enemy for the human and humanity, I am from africa where the poverty take a place and hit a vast area , our people here suffered from the hard affect which resulted of lack of food and the security.
Many youths in africa dead every year in their way to a new paradise in Europe across the Mediterranean sea.
We African with other friends association should exert great ever to overcome all the challenge and salivate our people from the long poverty and miserable life.
1- We should try to settle the social peace.
2- We should exert a great efforts to build a new horizon and expectation in order to begin a holly war against poverty and miserable life , instead of fighting and killing ourselves in civil wars for the seek of governing and finance.
3- The African cultural people should work hard to spread the culture of peace and tolerance between the new generation to direct their efforts to the development instead of fighting.
4- Also we should work hard to convince our new generations that africa is the best paradise than any place. If they understand their functions and responsibilities , they should stay in their countries and fight the poverty.
Thanks no more to say , but cry the miserable families and displaced ones in various parts of africa.

Ebony shade


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