The culture of nudity

The recent campaign which organized by Greenpeace to draw attention to the global warming and environment pollution , this campaign has a good aims and functions , and I hope if I was one of the participants , but the way of expression was so shameful , the way of getting naked (women and men) was so shameful.
I think , It is so surprise to see a group of naked demonstrators , trying to act or express their issue or aiming to draw attention to something.
I don’t think even in Europe this style of nudity is preferable, because it may seen as violation of private rights of others , also the leaders of Group8 (G8) ( Bush and Potin …. Etc.) will not lose their valuable time to watch the acting of naked men and women , but they do not draw attention to what was said by naked people. So I hope if we call for whole conference to express our problem , also there is many ways and means of acting or expressing any issue, but getting naked is too strange and disturbed to others.
The European people (the civilized) were describe former naked communities in africa and asia as country and primitive people , but some European historians classified those communities in the side of animals.
But nowadays we see the really nakedness , but in the shape of cultural and civilized practice , so I think the recent campaign of global warming is not successing to draw attention to the most serious global threat.


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